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To the Online Body of Christ,

www.ePastorsNetwork.com was inspired by God, in 2005, with a mission of “Applying Kingdom Principles, to Empower the Body of Christ.” Today, in 2013, more than 1 million souls have visited the website to hear a sermon, read Christian News and more!

The Word of God says, in the Book of Hosea, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” With this in mind, God inspired me, in 2009 to launch ePastorsNetwork Promotions, providing affordable e-Blast services, to promote your Sermon series, Conferences, Christian books and more! According to Bravenet, our Site Counter provider, we have regular visitors to www.ePastorsNetwork.com, from Africa, Asia, South America, and of course, North America, and some of these are a part of our database for ePastorsNetwork Promotions. As a new e-Blast Ministry, ePastorsNetwork Promotions database is not made up of all of those who may visit the website, but rather key persons in ministries of all sizes, media contacts and laity. While we could easily invite the thousands who visit, or have visited the site to our Promotions database, we prayerfully strive for interested contacts, not just quantity; therefore our numbers are steadily growing.

While we understand that there are other e-Blast Service providers, whose database numbers may be greater than or even less than ours, many who have used our services speak of “ . . .results!” I believe this is because ePastorsNetwork Promotions IS NOT just another e-blast service provider, but a reasonably priced, e-Blast Ministry.

To those of you who continue to be a part of our database, “Thank You.” “Thanks also to those of you who continue to receive, and even invite your friends to receive our e-mails! And I would finally like to send a special “Thank You!,” to those of you who regularly forward our e-blasts to your respective databases. Together, we will continue, “Applying Kingdom Principles, to Empower the Body of Christ!”

In His Service,

Vanda Wilson-Wormack,

Chief Executive Officer

www.ePastorsNetwork.com :: ePastorsNetwork Promotions

“Applying Kingdom Principles. To Empower the Body of Christ”