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We at epastorsnetwork.com, would like to bless three people with a copy of Pamela Hines’ book entitled “A Wife’s Prayer: Seeking God’s Best For Your Husband”. That’s right!! Each winner will receive a copy for their Spiritual library!! Email your name and email address to staff@epastorsnetwork.com. Everyone who responds by May 31, 2008 will be eligible for the drawing to win a copy of this powerful book !!

A Wife’s Prayer
Seeking God’s Best For Your Husband

by Pamela Hines

Whitaker House Publishers
New Kensington, PA
Office Phone: 877.793.9800 x283



The ministry of Pamela M. Hines began in 1982, after her husband Darrell L. Hines was raised to life after being tragically struck by lightning. Together, they pastor one of the most progressive churches within the city of Milwaukee, and are the overseeing founders of several other Christian Faith Fellowship Churches. She is also the cofounder of Dominion Fellowship, an outreach ministry encompassing a diversity of races and religious backgrounds that caters to the specific needs of husband-and-wife ministry teams.

Pamela has an anointing upon her life to minister to women. She is the founder of “The Women’s Image Course,” a powerful series of lessons designed to meet the needs of women. Her grace and message attracts women from a variety of racial, economical, and social backgrounds. Her aim is to empower women to be all that God has called them to be, focusing on the spirit, soul, and body. Pamela’s earnest desire is to help the body of Christ walk in the knowledge and authority that God has given to them, and to strengthen its members through the ministry of God’s Word

A wife’s prayer is an essential part of her relationship with her husband. Oftentimes, she may find herself praying about her husband and all his faults, instead of praying for her husband and all his potential. In her new book, A Wife’s Prayer: Seeking God’s Best for Your Husband (July 2007), Pamela Hines gives women of all backgrounds a foundation for daily placing their spouse into the divine hands of God.

In each chapter of A Wife’s Prayer, Hines addresses a different quality that women wish their husbands would further develop, such as strength, health, a loving nature, and a passionate hunger for the Word of God. “I want to encourage you to pour your heart out for your husband; sow this prayer seed into his life,” says Hines. “Pray deliberately. As you pray, you will see God tenderly bring change into your husband’s life. At the same time, He will also begin to fill your life with His presence.”

Along with each prayer, Hines offers passages of Scripture to meditate on. For each chapter in the book of Proverbs, Hines also provides “Proverbs Prayers”—prayers for wisdom, understanding, and spiritual insight to be cultivated in a husband’s life.

Influenced by a life-changing experience she and her husband faced during the early years of their marriage, Pamela’s prayer for God to save her marriage not only saved her husband’s life, but has also saved a countless number of marriages of the women in her church. Her testimony and book of effective prayers for the married woman will show how the Word of God can be applied to every situation through prayer.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Joy Ike, Whitaker House Publicist.

Call 877.793.9800 x283.



21 Days to Your Spiritual Makeover
Small Changes That Bring Results!

by Taffi Dollar

Harrison House Publishers
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74153

ISBN: 978-1-57794-911-4

ISBN: 10: 1-57794-911-0

Office Phone: 800.888.4126 Website:


Discover the beauty of a balanced life in just 21 days!

Women know with today’s busy lifestyles and a world full of distractions, it is easy to lose focus on the One who gave them life to start with. But as they begin to renew their spiritual walk, they will discover the missing peace and joy that brings order to the rest of their day.

Taffi L. Dollar, popular television co-host, beloved pastor, and esteemed author, helps bring clarity to what is really important in a world of urgent requests. Twenty-one inspiring devotions will help women prioritize their spiritual walk. As they develop their spiritual life, they will discover the beauty of balance in every area. Taffi gives readers practical and spiritual steps to bring a calm and joyful attitude to living. Women will draw confidence and strength from their inner man that will bring order and peace to their outside world.


Step Into Divine Destiny
It’s time to…

Define Your Purpose, Mature Your Soul, and Complete Your Call

by Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones

Harrison House Publishers
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74153
ISBN: 978-1-57794-742-4

ISBN: 10: 1-57794-742-8

Office Phone: 800.888.4126



As a 21-year-old single mother of a 3-month-old son, Patricia Bailey heard from everyone that her dream of ministering to the nations would have to wait. But God had another plan-He was ready and willing to use this single mom in missions, and in countries where women were not allowed to minister. God made a way. As Dr. Bailey explains, it is by working diligently to follow His plan that we learn to stand strong in the face of adversity-to become true leaders, ready to change this world.

Step Into Divine Destiny reveals the fine-tuning God needs to accomplish in every believer for them to be truly fulfilled. This insightful and practical advice will help readers make changes, enabling them to finish their call. Topics include the ability to stay in unity, the importance of your thoughts and words, the power of personal worship, the Peter Pan syndrome, and Spirit-led leadership. Readers will learn the joy of surrendering to His plan for their life-a life filled with purpose, peace, and love.

Harrison House Publishers. Books That Bring Hope, Books That Bring Change. Help.

For telephone sales, call 800.888.4126.

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