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About Us

ePastorsNetwork.com is designed to connect like-minded pastors, leaders, and ministries around the country, and ultimately around the world, who God has given a vision for Kingdom-building. This site is designed to act as a conduit of information to bring local and national ministers and ministries together in communication and resources. Together, we will build the Kingdom of God and the support of Pastors and Leaders across this country and nation will help us do that.

This is an invitation for you and your ministry to join our family of clergy, leaders and ministries. Your ePastorsNetwork.com membership entitles you to receive a web page on this site that includes:

(1)  Your profile with picture and biography,
(2)  a link to your church web site address, and
(3)  month-to-month announcements of church events and conferences.

Some of the features of the site will include “Pastor/Minister of the Month” which will include a feature article or an audio message from the Pastor/Minister and so much more that God has placed in me to do for His Kingdom!!

God bless you and your ministry as you experience the benefits of being a part of ePastorsNetwork.com!!


Vanda Wilson-Wormack